Just when you stop looking

When I was little my mam used to read a story to us.

It was about a fox that went out into the woods looking for mushrooms. “Mushrooms! Muuushroooms!” She would cry. “I want you in my basket, I want you in my tummy!”.

All the mushrooms in the forest would hide until Fox had gone.

There were plenty of strawberries, there were plenty of blackberries, but no mushrooms.

Fox would come home sad and hungry.

Bear found Fox one day in the forest shouting “Mushrooms! Muuushroooms! I want you in my basket, I want you in my tummy!”

“You know” Bear said, “if you are looking for mushrooms you should actually call for strawberries”. Fox looked on confused as Bear showed her what he meant.

All of the mushrooms came out of their hiding place, thinking they were safe because Fox was after strawberries today – and Bear and Fox picked them and fried them up for their tea.

This story taught me more about life than any other I think – sod’s law!

The things you really want actually come along when you have stopped wishing for them!

And that morning we got what we had hoped for, when we had finally stopped looking for them!

We said a fond farewell to Ishasha Wilderness Camp leaving early to get to Kyambura Gorge to go chimpanzee tracking in the afternoon.

Up ahead, just on the side of the main route we were using to leave, was a large fig tree. As we got closer Matea told us to look closer and we could not believe our luck!

There were two beautiful females lounging in the tree above us.

Lions don’t look majestic up high – not like a leopard. Their legs slumped across branches and their paws dangled as though they had bagged the most comfortable hammock on the beach.

They looked so proud, and practically posed looking off into the beautiful morning sunlight.

We sat in silenced awe so pleased we had chance to see them before we left.


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6 Responses to Just when you stop looking

  1. Chwenny says:

    So true.. Sometimes you just gotta let go and let the Universe bring it to you eh?

  2. Jessica Cerretani says:

    I find this rule almost always applies. And you really lucked out–that lion is gorgeous.

    • They were two gorgeous girls, that’s for sure!

      I’m desperate to find the name of that story – I’ve kept a list of books I’d like to read to my own children and that would definitely be one of them 🙂

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