African Experiences

I was lucky enough in my brief encounters with Africa to have some wonderful experiences there. The continent has so much to offer that there will always be new experiences to try.

South Africa is a personal favourite for trying new things. I was lucky enough to travel with South African Tourism on a couple of occasions and they certainly know how to promote the country.

I tried everything from my first safari experience there to rock climbing, abseiling, fly fishing and cycling around Soweto.

Nature experiences are always a highlight to any trip, and certainly something not to be missed in Africa. There is a safari experience for most people out there whether you are an avid animal lover or just happy to absorb the masses of knowledge your game ranger provides. Even families can be catered for, usually in reserves without big predators for greater safety.

I felt so at home on safari. Being in the middle of nowhere was something I had got used to as a child, but this was on a much grander and more exciting scale. I remember stepping out onto my small patio at Mala Mala in the Sabi Sand Private Reserve, attached to the Kruger National Park, and watching giraffe, kudu and vervet monkeys grazing on the lawn or trees just meters away – and my first elephant sighting was as soon as I walked into Lion Sands. I was so elated I cried. He was a beautiful large male lumbering along the sandy dry riverbed right in front of the deck. Once he’d passed by we were able to scramble down and look closer at his foot prints, still in awe of the situation.

I have to confess that my favourite African experience to date was our safari around Uganda.

The country is amazing. The birdlife is prolific – stunning big eagles seem as numerous as pidgins! The big game is recovering. The primates are incredible and humbling and best of all – you feel like you have it nearly all to yourself!

Has anyone else had an amazing African experience? Are there any you would like to have?


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2 Responses to African Experiences

  1. happypoppeye says:

    Any amazing Africa experiences? Hell, too many to list here but a few:

    Safari in Yankari NP, Nigeria …with a crazy driver.
    Sudan …all two weeks of it.
    Mali …Bandiagara Escarpment, pinasse down the Niger River, Djenne, Timbuktu
    Ethiopia …great country
    Cameroon …fan-friggin-tastic
    Benin, Togo …wild (in one word)

    Good post,

    • I’d love to know more – these are all new countries to me. My research really only stemmed as far as the “safe” countries sadly.

      Uganda is top of my list at the moment, my heart still pines for it daily!

      What’s been your mist exciting safari moment?

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